The Doctors

Dr. Kurt Eichholz and Dr. Robert A. Morgan
STL MISC Doctors
St. Louis Minimally Invasive Spine Center Building



Our preeminent team of doctors represent excellence in the field of minimally invasive spine surgery, with modern strategies aligned together with advances in preoperative and recovery methods - making your experience at STL MISC, an educated, thoughtful and well-researched endeavor.

We've created a team of surgeons with years of experience and an educational pedigree that lends itself to collaborative efforts to create for clients a holistic model of what surgery means for you and how your recovery will benefit from many minds.

Dr. Kurt Eichholz

Fellowship-trained Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeon

Dr. Kurt Eichholz

Operating in a private practice environment to facilitate expanded options for your surgery experience

Doctor looking through scope

Complex Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Dr. Robert Morgan

Specializing in spinal reconstructive modalities

Dr. Robert A. Morgan in operating room with lights
Dr. Robert A. Morgan looking through scope
Dr. Robert A. Morgan
Dr. Peter Sylvester

Neurological Surgeon

Dr. Peter Sylvester

Specializing in surgical treatment brain tumors and spinal disease 

Man having back pain
Model of a spine with doctors


Dr. Todd Stewart

Chris Hemmer & Dr. Todd Stewart in surgery room
Chris Hemmer , DNP, ANP-BC & Dr. Todd Stewart, MD, FAANS
Man and woman on beach

Staying active is our goal for you.

We work together with you to outline your options.